Inner Temple Book Prize 2010

Two Prizes, one of TWELVE THOUSAND POUNDS and one of FIVE THOUSAND POUNDS, are open for competition. The Prizes are intended to encourage and reward the writing of books which make an outstanding contribution to the understanding of the law and in this way to mark the Inn's long standing commitment to legal scholarship and to the education and training of practising and intending lawyers. The £5,000 prize will be confined to “new authors” i.e. those who, at the date of publication, are within ten years of being awarded a first degree or being admitted as a practising lawyer (whether in any part of the United Kingdom or elsewhere) whichever period is the shorter. It is intended that the Prizes will be offered again in 2018, and thereafter at three-yearly intervals.

To be eligible for an award, the book must be an original work, first published in print (whether in the United Kingdom or elsewhere) between 2 February 2011 and 31 December 2014. The book must be in the English language (although a published English translation of a work first written in another language will be considered). Books jointly authored by no more than three writers are eligible (the prize in such a case being shared between the authors) but reprints, reissues and multi-authored collections of essays, conference proceedings and the like are not. New editions will not in general qualify, unless the judges can be satisfied they are substantially a new work.

The criterion to be applied in deciding on the award of the prizes is the extent to which the book makes an outstanding scholarly contribution to the understanding of the law as administered in England and Wales. But subject to that consideration, works dealing with international law, comparative law, the law of the European Union, the Commonwealth (or other international organisation), legal history, legal philosophy, sociology of law, or criminology and the treatment of offenders will be eligible for consideration.

There are no restrictions on authors’ nationality or domicile, and the Prizes will (subject to the special conditions for eligibility for the New Authors Prize) be awarded without regard to the author’s age, occupation or educational qualifications and background.

To be considered for a prize the book must be nominated on a prescribed form by either the publisher or a university or other recognised educational or learned institution. Completed nomination forms together with two copies of the book must be received at the Inner Temple no later than 2 February 2015. The publisher or author may be requested to provide further copies if the book is shortlisted. Copies provided will not be returned. The Prizes may be divided between works of equal merit. The Inner Temple reserves the right not to make an award. The decision of the Inner Temple on eligibility and any other matter arising from the competition shall be final and not subject to any form of appeal or review.

The Prizes will be presented at an awards ceremony to be held at the Inner Temple on 7 December 2015.